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Recyclable, circular and plastic-free by nature

Sustainability and wool

Natural, Renewable and Biodegradable
Natural, Renewable and Biodegradable

Wool is 100% natural, 100% renewable and 100% biodegradable. Wool, by nature, is a circular fibre.

No microplastics, unlike synthetics
No microplastics, unlike synthetics

Wool is 100% biodegradable so does not contribute to microplastic pollution in our oceans or on our land.

The most reused and recycled fibre in the world
The most reused and recycled fibre in the world

Wool is the most reused and recyclable fibre on the planet of the major apparel fibres.

Download the latest sustainability toolkit

For designers, brands and manufacturers looking for sustainable material solutions, wool is a natural, technical and circular fibre that can be easily integrated into sustainable material strategies. Download the Wool: a sustainable solution toolkit to discover how wool aligns to the UN SDGs, is an inherently circular fibre and the latest innovations that reduce the environmental impact of textile manufacture.


Wool and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The wool fibre and Australian wool industry are aligned to 11 of the UN SDGs. From responsible farming practices and manufacturing efficiencies to end-of-life garment disposal, we are working towards a positive future.

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How you can use wool more sustainably

Processing innovations

Processing innovations

Innovations in wool processing technologies create more efficient and environmentally friendly processes in yarn development, knit and weave manufacture and dyeing and finishing to create fabrics and products for the fashion, sports, footwear, interior, protection wear and automotive industries.

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Greening Australia x Australian woolgrowers

One of the largest revegetation projects in Australia sees Greening Australia and Australian woolgrowers join forces to ensure native flora and fauna thrives through healthy, productive landscapes.

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Programs reducing the impact of wool processing

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